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"Vessel Knife"

for coronary artery stab wound


Mani Inc., Japan.


Vessel Knife - for coronary artery surgery


Blades, exclusively for Coronary artery

from Mani Inc., Japan


"Vessel Knife"

A custom designed disposable blade for making

 stab wounds on the coronary artery.



# Sharp blade made of patented SUS AISI 302 Steel

# Optimum length which avoids damage to the posterior of the vessel

# Mounted on a high precision ABS holder that exactly fits the handle

# Perfectly designed & Made hard keeping in mind the diseased, calcified vessel

# Wide choice of handling angle


Available as Straight & Angled handles made of Stainless Steel on which the disposable Blades

(Angled & Straight) can be fixed. 5 Blades per pack; EOG sterilized - Disposable

Click here for brief summary of advantages & unique features of Vessel Knife

  Superiority in sharpness  Technical details  Advantageous shape  Smooth Contour  Superior design

For enquiries contact us at +91-44-23720805 or by email: nbs@nichimail.jp

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