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Nichi-In Bio Sciences Pvt Ltd (formerly nichi-in drugs & devices (p) ltd) is a private limited company registered in India in May 2000, with it's Indian  head quarters situated in Chennai, and a liaison office in Japan. This is an Indo-Japanese joint venture between quality conscious and technologically sound Japanese principals who have a strong base in Japan with manufacturing, R&D and marketing facilities and Indian entrepreneurs who are very particular in providing technologically superior devices, equipments and disposables of high quality to the Indian market.  We started with medical goods marketing. Now we have entered into Technology transfer, Joint researches as well as marketing of materials for agriculture, personal care & hygiene products apart from manufacturing of sanitary napkins using high-tech SAP gel from Japan. In Sep-2004 we have inaugurated Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine which is a unit of Nichi-In to perform research, training and clinical application protocol development in cell therapeutics with emphasis on stem cells.

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Our Mission

We aim at always being No.1 in:

1. Providing services & technology of the best quality. 

We are now marketing products manufactured by Japanese manufacturers which are known for their incomparable quality worldwide. Our technological developments in biomedical materials and processing are the core strength of NCRM.

2. Providing excellent customer care 

We see to it that our customers are given the fullest attention, may it be a complaint, suggestion, request or a new idea.

3. Manufacturing & marketing unique & technologically superior products.

We study the needs of the market to bring in products which are not only unique, but most of them are patented for their technology.

4. Doing research & development

We perform not only in-house R&D but also have started joint researches with institutes abroad to bring the best product based on the latest technology. The Cell therapeutics based clinical application for treatment is taken care of by NCRM


About our principals


Mr. Morozumi Yoshio


Kyowa Medical Instruments Inc.,

Dr. Takayama Fujio

Managing Director, 

Kokusai Health Care Japan Limited,

Chief Consultant, 

Takayama Hospitals & Old Age Home.

Mr. Kiuchi Yoshiki

Managing Director, 

Kiuchi Medix Inc.,

Mr. Furuki Hisayuki

Manager, Hospital Planning Division, 

Kyowa Medical Instruments Inc.,

Mr. Osada Shinya

Managing Director, 

Yamanashi Pharmaceuticals Limited.,

Mr. Yamauchi Hidefumi

General Manager, 

Yamazumi Hospitals Inc.,

Ms. Amikura Yoshiko


GN Corporation Ltd.,

Mr. Aoki Tsutomu

Managing Director, 

Tokyo Fanc Limited.

Mr. Kikushima Takeo

Manager, Genome Research Division, 

Kyowa Medical Instruments Inc.,

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