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Analgesic Anti-inflammatory Patches

For ACUTE inflammatory conditions


Tei-Kok Inc., Japan.

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NITOFEN- Ketoprufen patches for Topical pain relief

Now, Round the clock relief from pain is possible with NITOFEN for
acute inflammations caused by Sports injuries and other causes@

NITOFEN is the latest Ultra-slim type sustained release Ketoprufen impregnated patch

1: A powerful anti-inflammatory & analgesic without any odour

2: This is slim and fits comfortably on any body surface.

3: The sustained release effect provides 24Hr coverage.

Contra indications:

  1. 1.?????? Donft use in patients who have past history of allergy to Ketoprufen; Cross sensitization with drugs like Tiaprofenic acid, Suprofen, Fenofibrate and Oxybenzone are likely.
  2. Donft use in patients who have allergy or symptoms of Asthma after usage of Aspirin or anti-histamines.

Store in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight. Transfer to a Zip-lock pack and keep the zip tightly closed when using the contents over a longer duration. Use before the date of expiry (printed on the outer box)

Packing: 7 Pcs/ pack: 50 or 100 packs/ Carton box.

@Trade name: NITOFEN; Generic name: Ketoprufen; Japan FDA classification no: 872649;

Approval No: 21000AMZ00508000, Jul 98..Manufacturers: Tei-Kok Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Japan.

This product is to be sold to or on order by a physician.

For technical details about the product click here

For enquiries contact us at +91-44-23720805 or by email: info@nichiin.com

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