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RION company was founded in 1944 originally for developing and marketing products based on scientific work carried out at Kobayashi Institute of Physical Research. "Studying acoustics for serving the well-being of life" has always been the motto representing their managerial philosophy.
While the major products at the inception were related to phonograph for the most part, during the past 59 years its range has grown to cover the following four main fields: audiological instruments such as hearing aids, diagnostic medical instruments (Audiometers)  primarily for otorhinolaryngology, sound and vibration measuring instruments including seismometers, and particle counters for monitoring particle contamination in air and liquid.
As of now, RIONs hearing aids continue to be the largest selling of it's kind in Japan and also exported to more than 60 countries overseas. Nichi-In is proud to be the sole importers and distributors for the Hearing aids and Audiometers of RION.


Hearing Instruments

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Medical Equipment

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